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ZoneView User’s Guide


The ZoneView was developed as an inexpensive alternative to standard viewing filters.

It’s light and thin, so you can carry it anywhere, anytime. It let’s you get a quick preview of potential scenes without having to lug your camera around.

The aspect ratio of the cutout matches 4x5 sheet film. For a “normal” view, hold it about 1” in front of your eye, move it further away to simulate longer focal length lenses. (You’ll need to experiment to get the feel of it.)

There are however, three noticeable differences:

  1. While the ZoneView provides a similar spectral response as the Wratten #90; it does allow a bit more blue/green to pass through. (We felt that the Wratten filter eliminates too much blue, resulting in higher contrast.)
  2. It is not “optically clear.” After all, you’re not going to photograph through it, why spend the extra money.
  3. It is a lot cheaper!

Wratten #90



Here’s a composite photo showing the difference. Frankly, in actual use, you probably won’t notice the difference.

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