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I hadn't planned on writing a novella about love, hate and the words we use. It just happened.  Granted, it skates casually onto some theologically thin ice, but it will get you thinking. Besides, it's not the first time I’ve been called a heretic.

Evelyn's heart was getting a little crusty. Blame it on a sleazy boss and an even sleazier ex-boyfriend.

She was settling in for another lonely Saturday night, when a knock on the door interrupted her routine. The guy claimed to be an angel, sent to help fix some of her "relationship issues".  But an angel? And not a cute, cuddly little cherub like she had seen on greeting cards, more like a rino stuffed into blue jeans and work shirt. No, this guy means business.

Evelyn needed a little heavenly help, especially regarding her lack of a love life. And it would take a miracle to straighten out her career. But it turns out she's the one who needs straightening out.