SP-4810 3D.pdf SP-457 3D.pdf

4 Sheets of 5”x7” sheet film.

1 liter of processing solution.

Approximate size (mm):

265 L x 180 H x 33 D

Estimated retail: $100 -$120

4 Sheets of 8”x10” sheet film.

2 liters of processing solution.

Approximate size (mm):

350 L x 260 H x 37 D

(A 5x7 option is under review.)

Estimated Retail: $150-$190.

Click on photos to open  an interactive 3D pdf .

Specifications subject to revision. Concept only; not a sales offer. Standard disclaimers apply.


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We’ve run into a few surprises with the SP-4810. First, the film holder will need serious beefing up. Second, the mold pricing is coming in MUCH higher than expected. To put things in perspective: the tank mold (just the tank), for the SP-445 weighs just under 500 lbs; the tank mold for the SP-4810 is estimated at 2600 lbs!